May 14, 2009

RRT Tools

Can you thinks any time no anti-virus program installed in your computer? Yes it's true that most of the people must use anti-virus program, but some time some type of virus is to make some changes to the system restrictions in order to hide itself from easy detection.

Than you use RRT and easy to solve system restrictions problem.

These restrictions are most often:
Disable Folder Options, Disable Registry Tools, Disable Ctrl+Alt+Del, Disable Show hidden files & folders, Disable Run Command, Disable Windows Firewall, Restrict Internet Explorer Home Page Changing, Restrict Internet Explorer Closing, Hide Internet Options, Disable Command Prompt (cmd.exe), Disable Control Panel, Hide system files/folders, Change Show Hidden files option button, Disable Show System files check box, Disable Show all files/folders check, Hide files extensions, Restrict Windows Update, Disable Shut Down Command, Hide Start Menu Logoff, Hidden Drives, No Search, No Display etc.

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